A small tool that grabs repositories you've cloned from $zsh_history and downloads them to a single folder for easy transfer to other systems.
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This is a small tool that will make a list of any line that matches git clone <any_git_url> in your$HOME/.zsh_history file then it will download it to a folder called tools in the directory you ran gitgrab.sh in.

The idea behind this was when moving to a new computer, I didn't want to have to go through and re-download all the tools I had gotten from github over the years. Using gitgrab I can just transfer a folder of all my tools to a new machine without having to think about it too much.




Looking to learn?

Are you trying to get experience to add to your resume? Open source contributions are a great way to do so!

Here are some ideas for updates you can make to this script and submit as pull requests!

  1. Make gitgrab zip up the files and provide a log of all the files it downloaded
  2. Expand the functionality to include bash history files, fish history files, etc